One of Christian pop-punk's most beloved bands recently created a new social media account just to apologize for a song released in 2003.

In early August a TikTok user, @kirbymacks, posted a video with Relient K's "Mood Rings" playing in the background. The text over the video says "Therapy isn't enough. I need Christian punk band Relient K to apologize for this song from 2003. What in the evangelical misogyny???"

The song came off the band's album Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right…but Three Do, and talks about "emotional girls" and a plan contrived by the songwriter to get them to "wear mood rings so we'll be tipped off when they're ticked off."

@kirbymacks If you are a man who went to youth group in the early 2000s plz start therapy. #therapy #exvangelical #youthgroupcheck #menneedhelp ♬ Mood Rings - Relient K

The band has been well known for funny and sarcastic lyrics, but over the years this particular song has been pointed out as hurtful and damaging. In 2020 a blog writer said "Perhaps Relient K meant for this to be a sarcastic song and they don’t believe the attitude toward women that is portrayed in the lyrics. I’m always up for some good sarcasm, but I find these lyrics to be less than helpful."

Relient K found their way to the video, which to date has 476,000 views, and issued an apology in the comments.

"We officially apologize," the band writes. "We had a lot of growing and learning to do, still do!"

Almost 150 people have replied to their comment, many in good humour and accepting of the apology. "I’ve left the church but I stand by Relient K," one person wrote. The next replied, "Girl SAME. I left but relient k will never leave my heart. First concert I ever went to."

Another person wrote that "(This is) not a scandal. It's growth. Imagine if you had the courage to publicize your teenage misgivings. Of course it wouldn't all age well."

The band says that they joined TikTok only because of the video and so that they could apologize. They have posted on video to their new account so far.

The band formed in Canton, Ohio, in 1998 while its members were still in high school. They quickly became one of the biggest bands in the 2000s Christian rock scene and have released nine studio albums, winning two Dove Awards and a Grammy nomination.