Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWPSD) is offering a new Bus Status app to provide families and staff with timely notifications of late and cancelled bus routes.  

This new tool is currently available on the App Store and Google Play and will replace PWPSD’s email-based bus route notification system when it shuts down on May 31. 
“We have chosen to launch our new Bus Status app in June when the likelihood of cancellations is far lower than during the fall and winter months,” says Ted Gobin, PWPSD Transportation Director. 

The status of bus routes will continue to be displayed under widgets on the PWPSD website and all school websites, and at, for those without access to a mobile device capable of receiving push notifications, such as a cell phone, or for those who prefer a browser-based experience. 

“We have received many requests from families for an app-based product, and with our current vendor discontinuing service for our email-based system at the end of 2021, the change is both necessary and in keeping with the expectations of cell phone users,” adds Mr. Gobin. 

Installing and using the Bus Status app 

To install the app, search “Bus Status” on the App Store on an IOS device, or on Google Play on an Android device. Alternatively, users may scan the QR codes provided in the poster below. 

Once users have installed the Bus Status app, they should tap the “District” icon and then select “Peace Wapiti Public School Division” from the list. 

To add a bus to “My Buses”, tap the star found to the right of the bus route number. Users can ‘star’ more than one bus route, if needed. The app will send a notification whenever the selected route or routes is delayed, cancelled or early. 

Tapping the bell icon takes users to a general notifications page where PWPSD Transportation will be able to issue important reminders, such as how students should dress for colder weather and a notice for families to add any new bus routes at the start of a new school year. 

poster explaining how to download bus app

Information provided by the Peace Wapiti Public School Division.