Two men doing missions work in Haiti were recently in a small plane crash which took both their lives. 

The mission organization Gospel to Haiti works toward reaching the lost through medicine and building relationships. 

"Trent and Erica Hostetler and their family, who are the current administrative couple flew back to Haiti after a several-week furlough. John Miller from Wisconsin also flew with them to spend some time in Haiti as an evangelist for a mobile clinic in the area," the organization says in a Facebook post. 

There was much unrest in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, so the Hostetler family decided to take a plane to Jacmel, a commune in the south of the country. 

"There wasn't room for everyone on the first flight so Erica and their three children, along with some other friends visiting Haiti took a flight and Trent and John were to come on another small plane soon after them."

The first flight with Erica and her children landed safely. 

"When the second plane didn't show up, they were very concerned and soon heard that the plane had gone down somewhere near Leogane. A search team was formed and sent out and they located the plane early this morning and confirmed that all six people were killed, including Trent and John."

The Christian organization is asking for prayers for the families of Hostetler and Miller as they mourn this loss.