Students and staff at Penson School are extremely grateful for the community support they have received this spring. Mrs. Ashly Bowen, Grade 5 and junior high Options teacher, says her Options students have benefited from an array of local talent.

Mrs. Bowen’s Grade 7/8 Options class is currently wrapping up their construction unit, which Aaliyah Young says has been a highlight of her year, “This has probably been my favourite class, it’s nice to bring something home.” Since January, the class of 12 students has been working hard on many projects including a wooden crate, a family tree ornament, ornamental bunnies, a birdhouse, and a welcome sign. Local carpenter Stewart Bowen has attended class every Tuesday and Thursday to share his expertise and help guide the students through their projects.

Mrs. Bowen says that since inviting Stewart to volunteer with her carpentry class, other locals have voiced interest in sharing their own skills. “One of our school neighbours has said that he would love to get involved next term to help with our outdoor education option. It’s just nice to see the community coming together to share their experience with our class.” Next term, the junior high students will have the option to participate in outdoor education, which will also have multiple guests coming in to share their knowledge.

Information provided by the Peace Wapiti Public School Division

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