The son of Dr. Tony Evans is speaking out about his father's recent announcement that he would be taking time off 'due to sin.'

On June 9, the lead pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship church in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Tony Evans, shared that he would be stepping down as pastor.

On Father's Day, Evans' son, Jonathan, took to the stage at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship to speak on behalf of his father. 

"My father has been there for me for all of my challenges. He's been there for a lot of y'all challenges, whether it's counselling, preaching, radio, YouTube, whatever medium it's been, he's been there. So, it's an honour for me to return the favour."

Leading up to the sermon, Jonathan says people were asking him how he felt.

"I feel like we've already won. I feel like we're on offence, not defence. I feel like we already have victory. I feel like his word is true. I feel like he's going to finish the work he's started. I feel like, if it's not good yet, God's not done yet. I feel like just because it's a shock to you, doesn't mean it's a shock to him. I have to go not based on just the circumstances, but based on the reality of the saviour because his word is true."

Evans says three days before his dad called the family, he was in the middle of a Bible study in Psalm 46.

"Little did I know, three days after, my dad would tell us the same thing he told you, no more, no less, and then on Monday, he said, 'Hey, I need you to preach Father's Day for me.' I said, 'Okay.'"

After that call, he asked the Lord what he wanted him to say. 

"He said, 'I already showed you three days before your dad talked to you. I'm telling you and preparing you. I'm also telling you what I want you to tell them.' So today I'm going to give you a lesson from my father, for my father and all of his children," said Evans. 

During the service, Jonathan told the congregation not to lose sleep or fret over his dad leaving. 

“We’re praying. But I know God’s going to work it out, so we’re going to keep going. We’re going to do what God has called us to do. We’re going to celebrate on the return. We already won,’” Jonathan Evans said.

Dr. Tony Evans has been pastor of Oak Cliff for 48 years. 

With files from Sylvia St. Cyr