The City of Grande Prairie has announced parking bans on permanent snow routes starting Wednesday, January 10.

The parking ban restricts parking on permanent snow routes (Priority 1 and 2 routes) from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Parking bans come into effect to ensure safe access to roadways during snow removal operations.

Residents are asked to remove parked vehicles from Priority 1 and 2 roads. A map of priority routes is available for viewing on the City website.

Crews have actively been plowing and sanding the priority road network since snowfall began this morning.

"Our primary focus is to guarantee the well-being of all residents throughout the winter season," says City of Grande Prairie Director of Transportation, Wade Nellis. "By enacting parking bans on designated snow routes, we aim to streamline snow clearing efforts and ensure safe passage on roads for every driver. We urge residents to consult the City's website and relocate their vehicles from priority 1 and 2 routes during the designated ban period."

A notice will be put out on the City’s Website, Facebook and Twitter pages once the parking ban is lifted.

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie

City of Grande Prairie snow clearing map

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