Northwestern Polytechnic (NWP) celebrated 2023-2024 Fairview campus graduates this weekend in the Fred Speckeen Theatre. The graduating class of 70 students were cheered on by NWP faculty and staff, as well as many friends, family, and supporters.

The program also included a speech from the 2023-24 Fairview Valedictorian, Alex Zinman from the Animal Health Technology program. Alex, who has completed their NWP credentials with academic excellence, was proud to represent their fellow classmates.

Unsure initially of the most fitting academic pathway, Alex first attended Sheridan College for illustration and spent some time at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, studying old master-style drawing and painting. But it was a part-time job at an outdoor educator farm that ultimately revealed Alex’s love for animal science and new career path.

Completing Northwestern Polytechnic’s two-year Animal Health Technology diploma program at the top of their class has been an intense, hands-on experience that Alex has found both challenging and rewarding. “I attribute much of my academic success to the work I did to ensure my mental health was at its best. This included practices like meditation, mindfulness, and physical fitness, all of which I feel played a crucial role in my academic achievements,” explained Alex.

As for what's next, Alex plans to attend the University of Lethbridge and graduate with a Bachelor of Agriculture in another two years. As part of a new collaborative partnership, NWP’s Animal Health Technology diploma graduates are able to seamlessly transfer into a Post-Diploma Bachelor of Arts or Post-Diploma Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Studies) at the University of Lethbridge. Alex is eager to continue gaining knowledge and skills, and to have a positive impact in the field of animal health.

NWP President and CEO Dr. Vanessa Sheane congratulated Alex and fellow Fairview graduates, noting their unwavering commitment and array of career opportunities now within reach.

“Our Northwestern Polytechnic Fairview Class of 2024 is an extremely dedicated, talented, and skilled group," said Dr. Vanessa Sheane. “Along with an impressive results-focus, these graduates possess an aptitude for problem-solving that will be a tremendous asset in our communities and industries."

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Information provided by the Northwestern Polytechnic

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