With four band members instead of five, We the Kingdom is releasing a new song in a new season. 

The Christian band previously consisted of family members, brothers Ed and Scott Cash, Ed's son and daughter, Martin Cash and Franni Rae Cash Cain, alongside their close family friend Andrew Bergthold. 

On September 1, 2023, Franni announced that she was stepping back from touring and ultimately leaving the band to pursue other things. 

"As we enter a new season in 2024, we are confident in God’s plans for us," says We the Kingdom on Instagram. "We are so thankful to Franni for all she’s poured into the band and fully support her on her journey."

They released a new single called 'The Plans' with Franni's voice. It was the last song she recorded before leaving. 

"I rememeber when Franni came to sing this song," says Ed, her dad, in an Instagram video. "She was really emotional about it and then later said she decided that morning that she was going to be stepping away. Thinking about the song and what it says about God's sovereignty and plan, I think for all of us that news came really hard."

The new band members will continue on and start touring again in the spring.  

"How perfect that God would bring a song at this time to minister to us.He knows the plans He has for us even if we don't know what these next stages look like. This song paves the way for our new season."