In an exclusive interview, Lloyd Nicks, Alisha Eich, and K-Anthony opened up about the inspiration behind their latest musical collaboration, "Back to Jesus." Hailing from diverse backgrounds, each artist brings a unique perspective to the project, weaving together their personal journeys of faith and music. 

The collaboration on "Back to Jesus" emerged organically, fueled by a shared passion for music and a deep bond of friendship. Lloyd and K-Anthony, connected through social media, forged a strong camaraderie rooted in faith and mutual respect. "Our friendship transcended distance and differences," Lloyd remarked. "We connected on a soul level, united by a shared mission to spread hope through music." 

Alisha's vision for the song resonated deeply with both Lloyd and K-Anthony, igniting a creative spark that fueled the collaborative process. "When Alisha shared her vision for 'Back to Jesus,' I was immediately drawn to its message of resilience and redemption," K-Anthony noted. "It spoke to the core of my faith journey, reminding me that in every storm, Jesus remains our steadfast anchor." 

"Back to Jesus" embodies a message of unwavering faith, urging listeners to find solace and strength in the unchanging character of God. "In a world filled with uncertainty and chaos, 'Back to Jesus' serves as a beacon of hope," Alisha expressed. "It's a reminder that no matter what challenges we face, Jesus is our refuge, our rock, and our redeemer." 

The song made its debut earlier this month, Lloyd, Alisha, and K-Anthony are excited to share their message of faith, hope, and love with listeners worldwide. "Our hope is that 'Back to Jesus' will resonate with people from all walks of life, inspiring them to draw closer to God and find peace in His presence," Lloyd concluded. "May this song be a source of comfort and encouragement for all who listen."