Many artists are starting the new year off by dropping new music. 

Bethel Music's Gold certified singer/songwriter, released 'Made for More,' from his upcoming solo album, which comes out worldwide on March 1. 


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Being inspired by Isaiah 43:1, that the Creator of the universe calls each of us by name, bringing us from death to life. It's a powerful anthem that Baldwin is excited to share. 

“Over the past year, and even more recently, I’ve been writing a lot of new songs,” says Baldwin to The Christian Beat. “As we all do, my family and I have experienced peaks and valleys and we’ve watched the Lord be faithful time and time again. In the valleys, He’s our help, Prince of Peace, Savior, and Friend. In the highest moments, I was reminded how we are created in the image of God, and we were made for so much more than we imagine for ourselves. He really shows up for us in every season – because he’s a faithful Father."

You can check out the title track below.

Also releasing his first radio single of 2024 is five-time Grammy-nominated and eight-time GMA Dove Award winner, Brandon Heath. 

'He Does (Oh By the Way)' is available on all streaming services. 

Taking the reminder that God is a consistent provider and faithful friend, joy is palpable on.

Heath took to social media to share the news. 


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Fans quickly took to the comments to express their shared excitement. 

"Running to listen to it now," one comment read. Followed by another saying, "Now I'm going home after a good day working in the hospital and listen to this new song. God bless you Brandon."

“I was just thinking about all the things that we forget the Lord covers,” Heath says in a press release of the celebratory reminder. “He fills our needs in wild abundance and lavishes His love on us in crazy ways. We often just miss it. So this song was my fun, upbeat way of saying, ‘Oh, by the way, God does all that – He does.’”

You can watch the lyric video below. 

Coming out with, 'Honestly, We Just Need Jesus,' from her upcoming album Give it Time, is Terrian. 

“I’ve sat with this song for two years, and sometimes songs can end up on the chopping block after so much time of working on it and sitting with it. Yet, this song never seemed to lose its ability to soberly engage with the culture and climate of our day,” shares Terrian to The Christian Beat.

You can watch the full music video below. 

Also starting the year off with fresh music is We Are Messengers with 'A Thousand Times', Benjamin William Hastings with 'Abandoned', Danny Gokey with 'I Got You' and Citizen Way teaming up with Jasmine Murray, Mitch Langley and Novelle on 'I Got Hope'.