The new roundabout at Highway 43 and Range Road 63 /116 Street near Grande Prairie will open to traffic Friday, September 21.

The roundabout is designed to improve traffic flow and avoid back-ups.

Roundabouts have become an important safety measure and are proven to reduce fatalities by up to 90 percent and injuries by 80 percent.

Drivers using a roundabout are not forced to stop, which means fewer delays, less congestion, lower noise levels, decreases in fuel consumption and emissions

Roundabouts are also less expensive to maintain than signalized intersections.

How to get around a roundabout

  • Slow down as you approach the roundabout.
  • Yield to traffic inside the circular lane as these drivers have the right of way.
  • Wait for an appropriate gap.
  • Take note of the exit you want.
  • Choose the correct lane before entering.
  • Maintain a safe speed of 40 to 50 km/h.
  • Don’t change lanes within the roundabout.
  • Signal your right turn as you approach the exit you want.

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