The faith-based movie Courageous will be coming back to the big screen for viewers, but with a different ending and brand-new scenes.

Filmmakers and brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick announced they would be behind the re-release of the 2011 film next year, the Christian Post reports.

10 years after its initial release, the Kendricks say viewers "will get to see what happens to many of the characters 10 years later!

"It's a new ending with a few surprises," the brothers tease.

Courageous grossed a total of $35.2 million when it was originally released, and was made with a budget of two million dollars.

The film follows a sheriff's deputy named Adam Mitchell who deals with a personal tragedy that makes him "question what is really important to him." Mitchell finds comfort in his faith and in the film, promises to become a better father to his son. He goes on to convince his friends and coworkers to sign a pledge to improve on their faith and in their role as parents, according to the film synopsis.

Courageous will follow the filmmakers' 2019 release of Overcomer.

"We are shooting a movie this summer," Alex said while attending the Movieguide Awards earlier this year.

"We are very excited about that and it's a true story and it's going to grab your heart."

While the brothers do typically produce original content, they say a friend brought this film to their attention. Alex says he and his brother believe the movie is "timely.

"this one was so powerful when we read it and we saw how it was very timely for today's culture," Alex says.

"We love it!"