It has been almost two years since Canadian band Sky Terminal released new music. In fact, they were quite quiet as lead singer Marcel Preston took time off to focus on his wife who was dealing with health issues. It was through that process that Preston learned valuable lessons about God. 


Now, the band is back with a brand new single called "Never Giving Up," and is getting set to hit the road once again.

"We really do believe in family first and spent the time needed on the home front," Preston said. "She is doing so much better now, and we are grateful to all those who supported us through that time. With the release of this single, we are coming back in full force. This includes multiple tour dates across Canada this coming spring."

Over the last two years, Preston and his wife moved from the big city of Toronto to her family's farm near Ottawa. For Preston, a self-confessed city boy, it was a big change but one that's also sparked some new creativity. That combined with the health difficulties his wife faced, and Preston found "Never Giving Up" come to life.

"I think as a songwriter, writing songs can be a way of hearing God. We had gone through this rough time. [This song] is really asking all the questions; 'OK, God, where are you in all of this? What does that look like?'"

Preston says as he asked those questions, God's presence was there.

"I just had this constant feeling of being pursued . . . I just felt that God was with me and fighting for me through that whole process. I really did feel that relentless love that never stops pursuing you."

Writing (or rewriting) a story with God

Preston says there are maybe times in our lives where the 'story' of a particular life season might seem to end. But he says in his experience that's where God is inviting you to continue with Him.

"There's a line in the second verse that talks about, basically, whatever the story seems to have ended up, God's like 'alright, well that's not where this story is finishing. Let's rewrite the ending.' There are these moments where you might think 'oh, well I guess that was that.' But God is like 'no, let's rewrite it. Let's fix this.' He really is a healer in that sense where we can go through these things and He's like 'No, that's not the end of the story. There are things to learn here but this is not the end.'"

Glow Festival

As Preston prepares to hit the road again part of that includes the Glow Festival.

The event is something that Preston started a few years ago to minister to and encourage fans to share the light of Jesus with others.

"There's something inside of each and every one of us that needs to glow. Glow Festival is an event aimed at bringing out the light in everyone with music and inspirational dialogue. It's about people coming together to make a collective difference. An opportunity to showcase music, people, highlight awareness for non-profit organizations, and to share our light."

You can find out more about Sky Terminal and bring them to your town through their website.