Jeremy Rosado, The Voice finalist and Capitol CMG recording artist has released his debut radio single.

The song 'Come and See' which Rosado co-wrote with Jeff Pardo and Hank Bentley, is already impacting fans nationwide.

"My heart is in these lyrics. This song is the story of my sister, the journey we’ve walked for so many years, and the kindness of God in the midst of it," said Jeremy in a social media post.

After nearly two decades of addiction, Rosado's sister is officially months into her sobriety journey.

“I wrote this song believing that one day she would be in the crowd singing this song as the testimony of her life,” Jeremy explained.

This dream came true as he performed at a concert and looked into the audience to see his sister, hands raised, eyes closed, singing every word of the song by heart. 

“This song means so much to me simply because of the desperate place I wrote it out of. And here I am watching God perform a miracle in front of my eyes,” Rosado attested. “I didn’t know that God was going to give me a miracle this fast.”

'Come and See' follows up his debut digital track, 'Believe You Will.' In total, Jeremy has written 50 songs, with many of those expected to be released over the next several months. 

Rosado spent last fall on tour with The Newsboys. This fall, he will join Tasha Layton on the road. 


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