What might be known as the biggest mass water baptism in history had 4,166 people waiting on a California beach for their turn to be baptized.

On May 28, Oceans Church organized Baptize SoCal—an event advertised as "the biggest water baptism in history." 

This event also happens to fall on the 50th anniversary of the Jesus Movement, which was an awakening in young people in the 60s and 70s to come to Christ.

This year, more than 280 churches and 8,000 people watched as 4,166 people fled to the shore of Pirates Cove, California to declare God is in their life.


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"Still in awe! Glory glory glory to God," an attendee commented on Instagram.

Pirate's Cove was also the setting of the Jesus people movement portrayed in the film "Jesus Revolution."

"It was the birthing of a new Jesus movement, and we had no idea," says Jessi Green, Director of Saturate Global in a Facebook post. "I just never want to forget what's possible if we will seek HIS dreams, lay down OUR plans and put all our faith in Him. He did the impossible and He's still doing it."

With this mass baptism and the Asbury revival, people are calling this the "revival era."

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