Sinbad is praising God for the support and prayers he has received while recovering from an ischemic stroke that happened four years ago. 

The comedian was rushed to hospital on October 25, 2020, after a blood clot travelled from his heart to his brain.  He underwent surgery immediately and, due to discoveries made along the way, was eventually put into an induced coma and placed on a ventilator. 

It was weeks before he opened his eyes and began speaking again, and it was a full year before he returned home. 

Earlier this month, Sinbad made his first appearance since the stroke, joining the cast of A Different World via Zoom on their first stop on their tour of historically Black colleges and universities in the United States. 

Following the appearance, he took to social media to post his first video in two years.  

"Man, that was so cool," said Sinbad. "Getting the chance to be on Zoom and say something to the kids. It's wild that the kids even know who I am.


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He went on to thank the fans who have supported him along his road to recovery. 

"Thank you to everybody who has been praying for me and saying good things and supporting me during this time in my life," said Sinbad. "It means a lot to me. Thank you so much."

Sinbad says God has been with him throughout this entire journey. 

"God has been with us. He's carried me through my whole life," said Sinbad. "It means so much when I hear from you all, and you say, 'Keep going, Sinbad!' Those words are important, and I feel it. I feel those prayers."

He ended the video, letting fans know they can expect to see more of him soon. 

"Don't freak out if you turn around and I'm standing right behind you," said Sinbad. "Miracles happen."