Fresh off last night's minority-government win, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is promising to govern on behalf of all Canadians, including Albertans and Saskatchewan residents who didn't elect a single Liberal M-P.  Trudeau says the re-elected Liberal government will always put the country and its people at the heart of every decision.  He told supporters in Montreal that Canadians voted for a progressive agenda and strong action on climate change. 

Andrew Scheer is billing his Conservative Party as the -- quote -- ``government in waiting'' and predicts the Liberal minority government will be short-lived.  He told supporters in Regina that his party picked up seats across the country and won slightly more of the popular vote.

N-D-P Leader Jagmeet Singh is vowing his party will play a constructive role in the new Parliament.  Bloc Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet says his party and its 32 M-Ps will co-operate with anyone in the new minority parliament if it's good for Quebec.

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