Heart4Iran is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with people while ongoing protests and unrest sweep across the nation of Iran.

Heart4Iran is a network of over 100 ministries working together to reach Christians in Iran through media and broadcasting. They are asking for prayer as many people have recently been killed in the many protests. 

"We pray for your beloved Iranian people, especially your dear daughters, who are seeking freedom amidst chaos right now," says Heart4Iran on Facebook. "May they find this freedom in You– the ultimate Healer. May You bring them Your peace, courage and security during this time of persecution and oppression."

Living in Iran as a Christian can be difficult. According to World Watch List, in 2022 Iran is the 9th hardest country in the world to live out a person's Christian faith. 

"We pray specifically for the 265 secret believers who have requested a Bible from our team– may You enlighten their journey with You and keep them safe as they worship You amidst their fear."

In 2019 the Iranian government came down hard on protestors, killing 304 people. This year, aid groups in the area are reporting that at least 326 people have been killed for protesting, including 43 children. 

The United Nations (UN) is calling an emergency meeting in one week to discuss what is happening in Iran at the moment. 

"First of all, it shows that finally, leaders of the free world are standing for the values they claim they stand for," says Mayra Yazdari with Heart4Iran. "Second, it shows they are taking this revolution more seriously. That’s what people from Iran are asking."

Heart4Iran partners with a local TV station to help spread the gospel of Jesus. 

"Mohabat TV and Heart4Iran have focused on Iran incidents in the past two months," says Yazdari. "In the live programs, people can call the host and talk on the air or connect with mentors and counselors."