Singer, songwriter and author Micah Tyler is getting set to release new music this spring. 

His latest project, People Like Us, features six songs, including his current single 'I See Grace' and the title track.

Tyler hopes that these new songs can bring people together.   

"This project is super special to me. I hope that these songs can help us," he explains. "It’s my opportunity, through song, for the people of God to put aside divisions that the world tries to place on us, as well as the separations we place on ourselves, and just say 'God, I believe that if You can change the life of a sinner like myself, You can change the life of everybody!' I invite everyone to celebrate in the relationship and nearness that God promises people like us."

"I See Grace," the first song to release from the EP, has been climbing the charts, making it Tyler's sixth career No. 1, following "Never Been A Moment," "Different," "Even Then," "Feels Like Joy," and "AMEN." 

"It's one of my favourite songs to perform, getting to see people come alive," he shares. "I've been reminded by so many people, especially since the start of the year when so many of us make resolutions, to see grace. If we set a goal every day and don't achieve it and feel we've failed, then we lose the opportunity to see the beauty of grace. We need to give ourselves a chance to say, 'God, at the end of the day, I'm not trying to see successes. I just want to see a grace that's greater than all my sin. As we walk in this world, it's so important for us to show that light of grace constantly and consistently, knowing that the Gospel is the only way to light up the darkness." 

Micah's new EP is set to be released on March 24, 2023.