May is Sexual Violence Awareness Month. Sexual Assault Centres across Alberta are raising awareness of the reality that sexual abuse, either as a child or as an adult, has harmful implications for an individual’s physical and emotional wellbeing. For years victims of abuse lived in shame, often being blamed for having been abused. We now have much more knowledge of the need to support those who were abused and hold offenders responsible. With this awareness we have a much better chance of creating healthy communities.

In 2020, the Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Services found that by age 18, 44%of girls and 24% of boys experienced an unwanted sexual act; 41% of females 18 % of males over the age of 18 had experienced sexual assault.

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Throughout Sexual Violence Awareness Month, our goal is to spark conversation and provide important education about sexual abuse to our communities; we need to celebrate and support the resiliency of those who have experienced abuse. Knowing that there may be need for healing. We need not to be afraid of the reality of abuse, we need to see it for what it is and hold offenders responsible. We need to demand that they need to change, so that they do not harm others. Victims may need to heal. Offenders need to Change. We urge all Albertans to join us for Sexual Violence Awareness month.

It is critical that we understand the essential role we all play in stopping sexual abuse and assault. If we see or are aware of sexual violence, we need to stop it. We can keep the vulnerable members of our communities safe.

On May 24th, Pace invites you to wear Teal in recognition of Sexual Violence Awareness Month. By wearing teal, we can raise more awareness about the prevalence of Sexual Violence in our communities and how we can take action to stop it. To learn more about how to recognize child sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual exploitation and how you can help those in your community visit the PACE