The Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) are pleased with the province's decision to reduce the temporary rent reduction by 55 per cent for Agricultural Crown land (ACL) forage leases.

Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn says reducing the fees makes the leases more affordable and will provide producers with over $2 million in support.

MBP General Manager Carson Callum says the previous government made some commitments for rent reduction and some other changes that are supposed to be implemented by January 1. 

"This announcement by the new government is a really strong sign of the commitment to ensure that the agricultural land leasing program here in Manitoba is strong and stable."

Callum says everyone is feeling the pressure of inflation and it is impacting agricultural producers in several ways, adding that reducing the ACL forage lease rates is a really important step by the new government.

While the agriculture industry has been dealing with a number of challenges another encouraging sign is the fact that the price for live cattle is looking more favorable.

Among the challenges for the livestock sector has been the dry conditions that producers in other areas of the prairies have been dealing with. 

He notes that unless Manitoba get s some really good snow cover or some spring rains he has major concerns for what that looks like rolling into next year in terms of grass growth, feed growth, and water availability.