Fans of The Chosen won't have to wait much longer to watch Season 4 of the popular show. 

The creators announced Wednesday, that the latest season will be available to the public for streaming this weekend.

“The wait is finally over. The response from those who've seen Season 4 in theatres was that this is our best season, so I can't wait to deliver these episodes free and easy to the world,” said Dallas Jenkins, creator, producer, director, and writer of the international hit series The Chosen.

Each episode will be launched with global live streams on social media and The Chosen app before becoming available on other viewing platforms later this year. 

The season was first released in theatres earlier this year, becoming The Chosen's most successful theatrical run ever. 

“We wanted to offer fans a chance to see it on the big screen together in theatres,” Jenkins said. "I've maintained the show will always ultimately be available free and easy, and we're now ready for our live streams.”

Episode one of Season 4 will stream on Sunday, June 2. The second episode will be available the following Thursday, June 6. The remaining episodes will follow up on Sundays and Thursdays for four weeks.