Brookelyn Sorensen, Grade 12 student at Peace Wapiti Academy, is a member of the 2019-2020 Minister’s Youth Council - SuppliedBrookelyn Sorensen, a Grade 12 student at Peace Wapiti Academy (PWA), has been named to the 2019-2020 Minister’s Youth Council. She is among 40 youth, aged 14-19, selected from 200 applications from across Alberta. Council members will share diverse student perspectives and provide input on education issues during three weekend meetings with the Minister of Education in Edmonton in October, February and May.

Miss Sorensen says she learned about the Minister’s Youth Council through her school and from information her mother found on the PWPSD website.

“I was intrigued to apply because I feel connected to engaged learning,” adds Miss Sorensen. “I was also seeking an opportunity to make a difference by contributing to my community and the future of others.

“Rural students may not have as many opportunities to participate in engagement activities, but I believe everyone should have a voice in our education system. It is invigorating to help through this important role and be involved in the changes that are coming. I strongly believe everyone should learn about our amazing province because I am proud to call Alberta home.

“I also like to face challenges head on, so I know I will gain valuable life experience and knowledge from working with like-minded peers and the Minister of Education.”

Youth Council members will acquire skills for personal growth that will benefit them now and in the future, and have a positive impact on their schools, the system and the province.   

Collectively, the council will bring a broad and diverse range of life experiences, knowledge and skills from across Alberta.

Miss Sorensen says she is eager to work alongside Youth Council members while voicing her opinions on Alberta’s education system.

“During my time on the council, I want to bring awareness to issues such as overcrowded classrooms, the need to provide more assistance to teachers in their classrooms, and the lack of opportunities for students who are passionate about the arts. I would like to see neglected programs in smaller high schools receive the proper funding to keep them current and updated. I also believe that the education system should continue their efforts to be inclusive of differentiated learning styles, and our curriculum should reflect that.”

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