Local La Glace artist Rachelle Nelson, grew up in a Christian home and was always involved in church, but it was not until she started into high school when she got serious about her faith and with her relationship with God.  

Music has always been a part of her life growing up. She started to play violin in grade 4 and started to write her own songs during her junior high years.  

Her first single, “From a distance” has just been released. She wrote the song about learning to give up control and all her plans and just trade them for God’s sovereignty. 

“I was meeting a lot of people who just had difficult circumstances and it was hard to just stand there and not be able to do anything to fix them. So, I started learning the importance of prayer. And how big of a difference that made.” 

She said after she recorded the song, it became more of an encouragement because in the last few months she saw so many prayers answered.  

She recorded the song locally with Kelly Wiebe and hopes to continue writing songs in the future.  

You can hear “From a Distance” on all music platforms. 


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