Kennady Bruun, a young hockey player from Sexsmith, is passionate about encouraging girls to play hockey.  

Kennady is a Grade 5 student at Robert W. Zahara Public School and has played on a boys’ hockey team in Sexsmith since she was six.  

“There have been no more than two girls on my team, and some years I was the only girl,” Kennady writes on her website. “I also wondered why it was, when I walked into sports stores, all of the gear and apparel was focused mainly toward males. This didn’t make sense to me because I play hockey, I am a girl and I am better than some of the boys, too.” 

“Kennady wants to change the perception that hockey is just for boys,” says RWZ Assistant Principal Stacy Rorem. “As an avid and skilled hockey player, she is frustrated by the low numbers of females playing hockey and the lack of representation in the media and at retail locations.” 

With the help of her mom, Kennady launched a brand called HERo Hockey in March to bring knowledge, awareness, representation and support for women's hockey. She’s also created the HERo Fund, which goes to encouraging girls in need to play hockey by assisting with registration and equipment costs through local hockey associations. When anyone buys from HER0 Hockey, a portion of the proceeds, plus extra donations, will go to the fund. 

In the photo above, Kennady (middle) is pictured on the playground with her brother and accountant, Stratton who is in Grade 3, and her sister and manager, Blake who is in Grade 1. Those around them are other students and families who have supported HERo Hockey. 

Hockey great Hayley Wickenheiser (right) received a sweatshirt from Kennady and gave her a shout-on social media. 

On her website, Kennady says, “Whoever your HER is…if it’s your sister, your mother, your daughter, your hero or yourself. We all need to stand up and PLAY FOR HER!” 

Find out more about HERo Hockey at