International Paper’s Grande Prairie Mill awarded over $91,000 in funding from International Paper to eleven local organizations in 2024. This funding demonstrates the Company’s commitment to education and health & wellness initiatives that improves the lives of the people in the community where we live and work.

“We started our International Paper Giving Fund, in Grande Prairie, in 2018, providing our community with grant funding, totaling more than $700,000. We are proud to support another 11 local organizations in their efforts to make a difference,” said Lyman Rorem, Mill Manager, Grande Prairie. “Our company cannot succeed if our communities do not succeed, and these grants are an investment in our family, friends and neighbors.”

Local community organizations that were awarded the 2024 grants are:

1. Sexsmith 4-H Multi Club (Bee Keeping) – Education

2. Special Olympics Alberta Association – Health & Wellness

3. Roy Bickell Public School Playground Association – Health & Wellness, Education

4. Royal Canadian Legion – Wet Smoky Branch – Community Needs

5. North Reach Society – Health & Wellness, Community Needs

6. E ‘Cole St, Gerard Playground Society – Health & Wellness, Education

7. United Way Northwest Alberta Society – Education, Community Needs

8. Kev’s Kids Society – Health & Wellness

9. STARS Air Ambiance – Health & Wellness, Community Need

10. Grande Spirit Foundation – Health & Wellness, Community Need

11. Gr. Prairie & District Catholic Schools - Education

Grant recipients are selected after careful review by a committee of local team members. Grants are awarded annually and are one of the ways International Paper strives to reach our vision to be among the most successful, sustainable and responsible companies in the world. Funding priority is given to programs related to our signature causes: education, hunger, health & wellness, disaster relief and initiatives that improve our planet