In a candid interview, local musician Mandy Biegel opened up about her journey of faith and music, culminating in the release of her latest single, "Warrior." 

Mandy has been passionate about singing and playing guitar since childhood, she shared how her upbringing laid the foundation for her musical aspirations. "I grew up singing and playing guitar. I learned the guitar at about 12 years old, and I always loved to sing," she recounted. "As a little girl, I would constantly be singing, and it was just something I was really passionate about." 

However, it was a pivotal moment in her life that deepened her faith and redirected her musical path. "When I was about nine years old, my grandma passed away," Mandy revealed. "And I think that's when it kind of hit me where I was like, 'Okay, like death. And just like everything.' That's when I started following Jesus." 

From that moment on, Mandy’s journey of faith intertwined seamlessly with her love for music. She delved into songwriting, drawing inspiration from her experiences and her unwavering belief in God's guidance. "God just gave it to me and gave me that passion," she said. "I've always loved to sing." 

Mandy’s dedication to her craft led her to pursue opportunities to share her music and her faith with others. From participating in worship teams at her church to attending horse camps that strengthened her spiritual resolve, she embraced every opportunity to grow in her relationship with God and her musical abilities. 

Her latest single, "Warrior," was born out of a divine encounter during a camping trip. "I woke up in the night and started writing these songs, and then the melody came," Mandy recalled. "God, just through the night, gave me those words from past experiences. The song was also recorded with the help of her cousin in Chilliwack, BC.  

Looking ahead, Mandy is excited about the possibility of creating more music and sharing her message with a wider audience. "I was working on another song with a few of my Bible college friends," she revealed. "Now I have a few people, and it's completed. It's just about God being the author of our story." 

You can hear Mandy’s songs on all music platforms.