With roughly 20 million people in Turkey affected by the recent devastating earthquakes, one Christian group is meeting the important need for long-term shelter. 

Operation Blessing is on the ground in Hatay, Turkey helping build homes that should last for up to a decade out of plywood. 

According to the United Nations, early projections say highly damaged cities will take at least 5 years to recover and rebuild.

"These people are hurting in a way that most of us don't understand," says one volunteer named Jarod with Crisis Response International. "The amount of trauma in the land doesn't go away overnight. And the longer we can be here to love and care for these people, being aware and stepping back in these organizations as we go."

Non-profit organizations as well as the Turkish government are already putting up tents for displaced people after their homes have been demolished, but the tents are a temporary solution, lsating for roughly three months. 

Crisis Response International plus an anonymous organization have teamed up to purchase local supplies and build these homes. 

According to CBN, Kurt Miller, an Istanbul coffee shop owner is coordinating the project, building 10 homes in four cities since the first earthquake.  

"First off, tents are a short-term solution," says Miller. "It's terrible living conditions and can only last for a couple months at best." 

These homes made of plywood and tin rooves are able to be expanded, torn down, or even relocated. Each one costs $2,750 USD.

The relief director of Operation Blessing, Diego Traverso, shares why they're in Turkey, even if right now it's unsafe. 

"We want to spend time, we want to invest in them, love them – that's why we are here."