TobyMac's latest single is an homage to his family and the life that they lived. 

"I am writing music right now. That's pretty much all I've been doing," says TobyMac on a Facebook Live video on the single's release date. "That's always my hope, that God will use the song to turn people's eyes towards Him. Before every song I write, I pray before we record and ask God to breathe something through me."

This past Friday TobyMac released a new single 'Promise Land,' and in the video, he portrays a coal miner. 

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"This song 'Promise Land' is really special to me. It's kind of a different sound, going back to organic music a little bit."

He says that the music video was shot in a coal mine in West Virginia.

"My grandfather was a coal miner, and my dad was raised in a mining camp. So to go back to that life, I always thought, people that live life and it's that hard, I thought, I want to honour [my grandfather] and my dad. I always thought they must wonder, where is my promise land, because I'm not experiencing it here down on earth."

TobyMac reveals that his grandpa died of black lung from working in the mines. 

"I've prayed over this song and asked God to do something special with it. It's been a fun season to write, record, and then serve it up to you guys."