After a four-year pause, the Sidewalk Prophets have released a brand-new single. 

The band hopes their new song, 'Hurt People,' will help heal hearts. 

"Hurt is such a complex thing," said the Sidewalk Prophets in a post on social media. "Sometimes it can start as sarcasm, maybe a snarky comment? Other times we hurt people in subtle ways without even knowing it."

The band says the song comes from a place of trying to understand the condition of our hearts and if healing is possible. 

"The truth about hurt is that there is only one proven way to deal with it," said the band. "The only way we can heal our hearts is to recognize and let go of all the things that stand in the way of seeking what God desires for our lives and relationships. Hurt people hurt people, but the love of God will heal our hearts."

The Sidewalk Prophets are preparing for a show next weekend in Madison, Wisconsin.