The first song from the official After Death: Inspired by the Motion Picture EP has officially been released. 

The lead single 'In Heaven' was written and recorded by Chris Quilala (Jesus Culture) and is featured in the end credits of the film. Other artists featured on the film's soundtrack include Tasha Layton, Bryan and Katie Torwalt and Maryanne J. George (Maverick City Music).

“These artists from the music community were moved and inspired by the stories told in AFTER DEATH,” said Joshua Silverberg of Sypher Music. “We are honoured to have them be a part of the film and are confident these songs will continue the conversation of the beauty of life and the hope for life after.” 

After Death hit theatres on Oct. 27. By Nov. 1, it became the Top Grossing Faith-Based Documentary of all time. The film also received a CinemaScore of A- and held the #4 spot during its opening weekend.