Exodus 14:13


We Americans use a number of words to describe a predicament. If you're from the East, you probably know about "being in a pinch." If you like to cook, you're "in a jam" or "in a pickle." If you're from the South, you're "between a rock and a hard place."...

It may be that right now you find yourself in a predicament....

And what should your response be?

Most people are prone to say, "God helps those who help themselves." People think that despicable saying comes from the Bible, but it doesn't. It's from the pit. No, God helps the helpless! As long as we're helping ourselves, who needs God? It's when we reach the end of our tether, and we're dangling out in space, that we finally cry out "God, help me!" 

And God says, "I will. Let go."

Letting go works against human nature. But God wants us to do just that—to free fall into His everlasting arms and trust completely in Him.


Excerpted from Charles R. Swindoll, Wisdom for the Way (Nashville: J. Countryman, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2001). Copyright © 2001 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.