The past few years have been a wild ride for singer, songwriter and worship leader Kristian Stanfill.

Last year, Stanfill shared on social media that he was two years sober.

"I hadn't said anything about this process that I was in, but it got to the point where I was meeting enough people and talking to enough people and realizing that there are many people on this journey or a similar journey, and they feel like they're the only ones on that road," Stanfill explained.

He says he wanted to use this opportunity to tell others they're not alone. 

"It's been hard at times for sure, but where we are now, God has been so good, and the process of sanctification and personal revival in me, and my family, it's been amazing, and it it's weird to say this, but it's been the hardest thing that we've ever been through, but I also consider it a gift at this point in my life that God would bring us through this and transform me, and our family. I'm really grateful for it."

Kristian, a worship leader with Passion music, says the vulnerability has helped him as a worship songwriter, helping bring authenticity and life experience into each song. 

He says this rings true in his latest project with Passion. 

"The song, 'I've Witnessed It', is all about witnessing the faithfulness of God. The way he has provided for us, the way he's come through for us, and protected us."

The new album, I've Witnessed It, features 14 tracks and showcases powerful worship moments captured at the annual Passion conference, which was held in two locations with more than 30,000 students in attendance across the two events over the New Year holiday.

The new project includes standout moments led by sixstepsrecords' artists Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, Melodie Malone, Sean Curran, and Crowder and features new voices from the Passion Movement. I've Witnessed It also includes familiar songs like "Gratitude" and "Same God" led by special guests Brandon Lake, Elevation Worship, Cody Carnes, and Kari Jobe. 

“Every Passion record is special for different reasons, but this one, in particular, has some real grit and fire in it," explains Kristian Stanfill. "Every song is like a stake in the ground, and every lyric is being lived out in real-time. It’s moment-by-moment surrender. Add to that the sound of the students singing and standing in the gap for their generation…it’s overwhelming! We are praying this project gives fresh wind and faith to everyone who hears these songs.”

Today on Connections, Kristian chats about that new project, what it was like to worship in front of this new generation and what he noticed about this new wave of worshippers. He'll also share a bit about his journey to sobriety.