With the temperature getting warmer and warmer tick season is upon us.

Ticks can be found in many places like wild animals. Pets and humans can pick up ticks by walking through grassy or wooded areas or in contact with wild animals.

The risk of a person getting Lyme disease from a tick in Alberta is considered very low. Most ticks do not carry the Lyme disease bacteria, and most tick bites do not cause serious health problems. The sooner a tick is removed, the less likely it is to spread the disease.

Some ways to prevent yourself from getting ticks on you are covering up as much skin as possible when going into wooded or grassy areas. wearing things like a hat, long-sleeved t-shirt, and long pants with the legs tucked into the socks is a good idea. 

It's also good to wear light-coloured clothes so ticks are easier to identify. Always make sure to check yourself for ticks if you have been outside in the wooded or grassy areas.

If you find ticks on yourself or another person, you can remove them.


  • With tweezers gently grasp its head and mouth as close to the skin as possible.
  • Pull the tick straight out, do not jerk or twist.


  • Apply matches, cigarettes, or petroleum jellies to tick as these may cause the tick to release the bacteria into the wound.
  • Squash it

You should seek medical attention if symptoms of Lyme disease start to develop, those symptoms are a round red rash that spreads at the site of the tick bite or you have flu-like symptoms.

Using a bug spray that contains the chemical DEET will help repel the ticks.