A new cafe opened up in New York last month that is spreading joy while employing people with Down Syndrome and Autism. 

Café Joyeux started in Paris, France in 2017 to help employ some of the most underemployed population. As of March of this year, the second Café Joyeux opened up in Manhattan. 

The café is a little different than a regular business as its number one priority isn't profit but rather inclusion. The non-profit employs people who have Down Syndrome or Autism. 


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"I got jobs, but barely getting paid or didn't get paid which is a problem in the disabled community," Rachel Barcellona, an employee at Café Joyeux said in an interview. "We get hired, but no one pays us because they think we aren't worthy or are a burden."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 8 million people in the U.S.A. who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. Of those, about 80 per cent are unemployed. 

"This is more than a symbol," said co-owner, Yann Bucaille in an interview. "It's a victory for inclusion."

As a non-profit, part of the proceeds go right back to helping people with special needs find employment.

"You can choose any coffee shop or choose any lunch place," said one customer, Margot Wilensky. "But here it really supports people that want to be a part of a community."