Kat Von D is speaking out about her recent baptism. 

A year after making some major life changes, including leaving her life of macabre and the occult, Katherine von Drachenberg, a.k.a. Kat Von D, felt drawn to take the next step.

Kat took to social media to share her baptism video at the beginning of October. Last week, Kat decided to share a second video reacting to the comments and responses she received from fans and followers. 

"There were a lot of questions and feedback that I do want to talk about, but after this, you probably won't hear me talking too much about this stuff," said Von D in a video on Instagram. "I just don't feel equipped to be the poster child for Christianity. I think I am still learning, and as I do, I'll feel more equipped."


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Overall, Kat says the responses from those who saw the video were overwhelmingly beautiful. She says most were positive and love-filled comments.

"Me and my husband and son would go out to get lunch throughout the week, and people would come out of nowhere and just want to give me a hug, congratulate me and welcome me to the family, which I love. It's been pretty awesome," said Von D. "I'm shocked because I was expecting to get so much hate for it."

Kat says most of her fans and followers are not Christian, so she knew that the video would possibly turn off people.

"I know everyone is on their own journey, and it's not for everyone, but this is where I'm at. To me, my baptism was a public demonstration of where I stand with my faith. Letting people know that I am not ashamed," said Kat.  

What surprised Kat the most was the reactions she got from other Christians.

"You would think that all of the hate would be coming from people who are against religion or Christianity and stuff. We got the typical emoji comments, but it was the Christians who were the worst," Kat addressed in a video on social media. "It was sad to see this critical display of judgment from Christians. I don't understand what would inspire that. That isn't Christ-like to judge people or judge a person's journey."

"You would think that most Christians would be happy for you when you come to this point in your life. Baptism is so beautiful. It was one of the most important days of my life. It's strange that this handful of Christians would come at me this way."

Kat says it took a lot for her to share her baptism with the world, and she is shocked that we are still living in a time when people judge a book by its cover. 

"I didn't get baptized to be saved. I was already saved. I didn't get baptized to make it about me. It was never about me," said Kat. "I love you no matter what. I might not be down with how you do life, but that is no reason to hate or criticize."

Kat Von D currently attends Switzerland Baptist Church in Vevay, Indiana.