For people who feel overwhelmed with the size of the Bible, there is a new video series that's helping connect all the pieces. 

"I didn't grow up in the church or hearing the gospel," says Murray McLellan, the Lead Pastor of Grace Fellowship in Saskatoon, Sask. "That's why I have a heart for people like me whom God was not even on the radar."

McLellan says he wouldn't have called himself an atheist growing up as he didn't even take time to consider the idea or theology of God. His mother went to church but no one else in the family did.

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"It wasn't until I was 24 years old and I was a high school phys ed teacher. It was a parent who had come to faith fairly recently, and they began witnessing to me and began telling me about who Jesus was and what He did on the cross."

McLellan says it was then when he finally understood his need for a Saviour and that the answer was in Jesus Christ. Since then he became a Sunday School teacher, on to a Pastor and a church planter. Now, joining One Hope Canada, he and his church are offering a free Bible Study for anyone called The Good News Story.

"At the heart, we're trying to help people understand how the whole Bible fits together. How it's not just a random section of verses. It really is God revealing Himself to us, in particular, in the person of Jesus."

The Good News Story is a series of nine free videos, meant to be enjoyed as a group, if possible. 

"I use it with my grandkids. I take the basic outline and tell them continuously the good news story. It's also for me who studied the Bible for over thirty years in-depth, and I feel like I'm still scratching the surface of the wonder and beauty of who this God is."

Finding identity in who God created each person to be is also a part of this study.

"When I am loved, I am satisfied. That identity is crucial for me to walk in day-by-day. Then I can love my wife, I can love my neighbour because I'm no longer self-focused. Because wow, I am well looked after, I am well-loved as a beloved child of God."