As the fourth week of war begins, SAT-7 ARABIC’s Viewer Support team offers prayer and comfort to Christians in the Holy Land.

One young viewer, who has additional needs and lives with her grandmother in a home for older adults, sent this message in response:

“I’m doing well, but it’s a very frightening situation. I’m constantly praying, and what brings me comfort is knowing that God is with us through it all. Please keep us in your prayers that this war may come to an end and that the suffering and loss of people can stop.”

SAT-7 uses satellite TV and digital media to reach people in the Middle East/North Africa region for Christ. More about that here.

Approximately “97 percent of people in the Middle East in North Africa are not Christians,” SAT-7’s Joe Wiley says.

“We broadcast in the three major languages of the region: Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish. The majority [language] spoken in the Holy Land area is Arabic.”

Soon after the crisis began in early October, SAT-7 asked believers in the Holy Land to lead a regional prayer campaign. “We started asking churches to pray and to be the voice of the Bible,” Wiley says.

“Pastors have been invited from all denominations for a two-minute prayer. These prayers are recorded, and we flood the broadcast.”

Believers from Majority backgrounds tell SAT-7, “We are fasting and praying in our churches,” Wiley says.

“[Believers are praying] the Lord’s hand would move and alter the circumstances so people will see Jesus.”

Download a prayer guide from SAT-7 here.

“Brothers and sisters in Christ are embedded in this conflict, and they are praying that people will see Jesus,” Wiley says.

“That incredible prayer challenges me; how much do I truly trust God [daily]?”


This story originally appeared at Mission Network News and is republished here with permission.