Tasha Layton's musical journey has gone down different paths, between secular music and now Christian music and has learned a lot.

The 'How Far' singer says to CBN News, "Trusting God with every step because you know before I entered music, there were a lot of years that I wasn't sure how God was going to work it out. I didn't understand why I was taking this path or going in this direction or how He was going to work it all together for His good."

Part of Layton's journey included singing background for artists like Katy Perry before she decided that wasn't what she wanted. "There were compromises in that world and I just knew that I wanted to connect people to God with my music, with my actions, with my team, and with my integrity. And I didn't feel like I could fully do that with freedom, going that route." 

Layton felt that she needed to go a different route despite already having a career in the music industry. "I'd already done the cool, famous venues, the cool private plane thing. I had already done all that and there's a reason, Paul says, 'You can gain the world and lose your soul,' and I think walking the path I'm walking now with God is so special and I get to see the fruit of what He's doing every single day. And there's no mistake that He's using it to connect people to Him."

She also says that while living that lifestyle was fun, it was a struggle to keep her faith, but in an unexpected way. "I think what was hard was being away from my community. I was only in the States a few weeks out of the year most years when I was with her [Katy Perry]. So it was just hard to stay connected. I was one of two Christians on a 75-person tour, so I missed that community of faith."