Char Harryman faced a life-limiting diagnosis with extraordinary courage and faith, and she used the time she was given to be a gift to others.

On Easter Sunday back in 1995, Char suffered a grand mal seizure. And then another. And another. This eventually led to numerous tests where doctors discovered a golf ball-sized malignant tumour on her brain. 

Doctors gave Char two years to live. God had other plans. She lived 24 more years and didn't waste any time touching the lives of thousands before she passed away in 2019.

"She would always be thinking about the other person in the room, always asking about them," said her husband, Steve Harryman.  "For Char, she found purpose in the pain. I think that's what made her special."

For Char, making other people feel loved was her greatest joy and this passion also led Char and Steve to start up their own ministry, Hope through the Storm Ministries which is devoted to bringing hope and encouragement to people facing serious illness or disability.

After the death of his wife in 2019, Steve started writing about her. He has now taken that and turned it into a new book, Char's Gift: A Remarkable Story of Hope Through the Storms of Life. 

It is Steve’s hope that by sharing her inspirational story, others navigating a difficult time will find strength in her grace and faith. 

Today on Connections, Steve shares Char's amazing story and how she impacted lives around the world.