A  semi-driver is thankful to be alive after a horrific crash almost claimed her life.  

Randall D’Addezio, a U.S. truck driver, was recently headed through Grand Chute, Wisconsin when he saw a horrific collision involving two other semi-trucks. 

"I put on my four ways because I honestly thought the truck was going to come over and slam into me, came to a stop, looked, seen that she was still in the driver’s seat, seeing the fire and stuff, the sparks, the tires were on fire," says D’Addezio to the local news station

D’Addezio took only a few seconds to think about what to do before he sprang into action. Walking over to the drivers side, he quickly started helping the woman out of the truck as flames continued to spread. 

"My body just started moving on its own. I told her it was going to be OK — ‘I’m here.’ I smiled and said I’d help [her] out. Instead of panic, you harness the fear and use it."

The woman who could have died had D’Addezio not intervened was grateful for his actions. 

"She just said, 'Thank you.' She was crying. I just said, 'That’s what I do.'"

D’Addezio encouraged others to help people out, quoting the golden rule, when being interviewed. 

"I would hope someone would get out of the car and save one of my loved ones too, in this case. Do what you would to other people, for how you want to be treated. It’s important for all of us to work together in society the way it is these days."