A mom who recently went public with her own cancer diagnosis said she was determined to "actively share my story, no matter which direction it went. I felt deeply that this diagnosis was a much larger part of my life story, and not something to be hidden. I knew there would be curveballs. I did not expect one of them to be what I'm about to share now."

Nicole Roche, from Pennsylvania, wrote a touching and faith-filled post on Saturday, Sept. 3. The young mother explained it had been two months to the day since she went public with her stage four cancer diagnosis in hopes that God would use her journey to speak into the lives of others. Unfortunately, the curveball Roche experienced was that her four-year-old son, Wesley, was now diagnosed with cancer as well.

"On Thursday I took Wesley, our 4-year-old son, to the ER for severe stomach pain," she writes. "It was there that the doctors discovered a large tumour on his kidney." Roche says her son was rushed to another hospital where they confirmed he has cancer and admitted him immediately.

"Nothing God does is without purpose. God loves our son more than I ever could with my human heart, and he has a plan for both of us."

"Our family's story will now track the healing and recovery of two of its members instead of one. How could this happen? What are the odds?" she asks in the post. Despite the shock and questions, there is an unwavering faith that is evident, however.

"You can believe me when i tell you that I've gone through ALL the feels in the past few days. All the fears, tears, and disbelief. But I'm writing to you now from a place of peace and calm."

Roche admits that she would have never written her life story this way, "but [God] has. And nothing he does is without purpose. God loves our son more than I ever could with my human heart, and he has a plan for both of us, and he has designed it this way for us to walk the road together. I didn't choose this, but I'm ready for it, I accept it, and I surrender to it."

An answer to prayer already

In the original post, Roche explained that Wes was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, Sept. 6, for surgeons to attempt to remove the tumour.

Early Tuesday afternoon she posted "The tumour is GONE!" Roche says surgeons were able to get all of the tumour and Wes will now heal and then begin chemo and radiation treatments.

Roche has asked that people pray not only for her and Wes but the entire family. So far thousands of people from around the world have been responding to her posts and holding the family up in prayer. Would you join us in praying for healing, for strength, and for peace in the midst of a difficult battle?