MD of Greenview Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Cerilon GTL, a subsidiary of Cerilon Incorporated, to purchase approximately 200 acres (81 hectares) in the Greenview Industrial Gateway (GIG) during their April 12 meeting. Cerilon intends to construct a $2.8 billion dollar facility on the site to manufacture ultra-low sulphur diesel and jet fuel.

Cerilon is proposing to construct a Gas to Liquids (GTL) facility capable of producing 24,000 barrels per day to manufacture clean, environmentally friendly, ultra-low sulphur diesel and specialist products. The Cerilon GTL facility would reform natural gas, creating hydrogen and syngas, to convert into Fischer Tropsch Liquids and wax, creating excess power supply opportunities that result in ultra-low sulphur products. Cerilon GTL will apply its innovative processes and systems to the next generation of smart manufacturing technologies.

The GTL facility will also capture CO2 and implement Carbon Capture and Sequestration processes (CCS), giving the Cerilon GTL facility the lowest carbon footprint of any GTL facility in the world.

The planned Cerilon GTL facility in Alberta’s Greenview Industrial Corridor will generate up to 1,600 jobs during construction, with more than 80 direct permanent positions to follow, plus 200 contractors and providers once operational. Company executives anticipate the project to proceed quickly once the Final Investment Decision (FID) is achieved.

This is the second major investor in the GIG. In late 2021, the MD of Greenview signed an agreement with Northern Petro Chemical Corporation to construct a $2.5 billion Blue Methanol and Blue Ammonia production facility. Construction for that facility is anticipated to start in 2023.

Information provided by the MD of Greenview