Greenview is excited to introduce Voyent Alert, a versatile communication service designed for Greenview Residents. This system enhances media alerts during critical emergencies and provides day-to-day notifications, including community events, Greenview facility hour changes/closures, garbage and recycling pickup notices, and road closures, ensuring residents stay informed.

Greenview Director of Emergency Management Wayne Brown emphasizes the importance of quick and clear communication during a large emergency.   “With any large emergency like the wildfires we experienced last year, it’s critical that we have a method of delivering timely information quickly and clearly to our residents. The Voyent Alert tool is extremely user-friendly and will allow us to provide that key information to residents using a platform of their choice.

The system offers multi-channel delivery, allowing residents to register via mobile app, text message, email, voice to phone/landline, and a public online portal. Residents can choose one or multiple delivery methods, a crucial feature during emergencies. Advanced geo-fencing and topic groups enable targeted alerts to specific localized areas, reducing confusion in diverse regions.

Reeve Tyler Olsen highlights Greenview Council’s commitment to enhancing communication with the public “Greenview Council continually works to enhance communication to the public. By utilizing the Voyent Alert app, we now have another method of communicating not only emergency information but also keeping residents informed of events and day-to-day notifications.”

Voyent Alerts provide valuable information, including recipients’ distance and direction from an emergency and preferred evacuation routes.

Registration for alerts is free, anonymous, and user-friendly, reinforcing Greenview’s dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.