Greenview Fire-Rescue Services (GFRS) received a $15,000.00 donation from Keyera Corp. to assist with the purchase of wildland personnel protection equipment.

Through Keyera’s social investment program, Keyera Connects, they partner with organizations and support causes that build resiliency in the communities that they are a part of. To recognize Greenview Fire-Rescue Services for their dedication and commitment during the 2023 Alberta wildfires and for working to safeguard Keyera facilities and employees, this donation was made to assist with the purchase of crucial equipment.

“We extend our gratitude to Keyera Corp. for their generous donation as a token of support in the aftermath of the devastating wildfire season. Your commitment to the safety of GFRS members and the community is truly commendable,” stated Reeve Tyler Olsen.

Information provided by The MD of Greenview

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