Greenview’s Enforcement Services Department has launched a Positive Ticket Program to recognize youth who are positive influences in our communities. Tickets can be issued for many positive “infractions” from young people caught doing great things, such as wearing a helmet while riding, properly putting away garbage, helping a community member, lending a hand to those in need, or other actions which bring positive changes to our communities.

Reeve Tyler Olsen believes in this feel-good program and stated, “Greenview’s Positive Ticket Program is a win-win scenario because it allows Enforcement Services Officers to recognize good behaviour and create positive interactions with our youth.”

Youth receiving a Positive Ticket will also be rewarded with coupons donated by local businesses, including Crooked Creek Donuts, DeBolt General Store, Chalet Foods (Grande Cache), and Tim Horton’s (Valleyview), who also believe this program will have a positive impact on youth in our area.

Information provided by the MD of Greenview