The Grande Prairie Fire Department (GPFD) is proud to announce partnerships with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), along with key regional agencies, to introduce a nationally standardized, federally funded Hazmat response training program. 

The IAFF, utilizing nationwide experts, developed and has been actively delivering a skill-based competency training program for the past 12 days in the City of Grande Prairie. In the spirit of collective progress, the GPFD invites collaboration with regional entities, including Alberta Health Services (AHS), International Paper, County of Grande Prairie Fire Department, and MD of Greenview Fire Department.

The GPFD Hazmat program, overseen by Platoon Chief Jake Pruden, recognizes the importance of this venture. "The field of Emergency Hazmat response is constantly evolving, and the GPFD is committed to continuous improvement. This partnership provides the GPFD with a valuable avenue for refining training methods across the department, ultimately enhancing the safety of our community and to our members.”

Fire Chief Preben Bossen emphasizes the significance of standardized training, "Standardized training, such as this collaboration with the IAFF and our regional partners, is pivotal for the efficacy of any agency. We are pleased to partner with the IAFF and our regional collaborators to bring this program to our community and region."

This strategic partnership bolsters the preparedness and responsiveness of first responders in Hazmat situations, ultimately benefiting the community. As the GPFD continues to evolve and adapt to emerging challenges, these partnerships remain integral to its commitment to excellence and safety.

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie

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