GP911 has implemented the next generation in 9-1-1 Computer Aided Dispatch Technology. The solution provides 9-1-1 call-takers and dispatchers with increased clarity, better insight, and streamlined workflows ensuring citizens continue receiving timely and competent 9-1-1 services when and where they need help the most. GP911 is the first Canadian 9-1-1 center to implement this specific platform.

Grande Prairie Fire Department (GPFD) is seeing immediate enhancements as a result of the upgrade. All GPFD front-line fire apparatus now have GPS enabled mobile computer terminals that enhance situation awareness and responder safety, increase efficiency, and improve resource management. These capabilities will also be available to other fire departments in the region supported by GP911.

Funding for this initiative was supported in large part by provincial 9-1-1 grant funding. This includes ongoing funding to support future costs related to the system. Implementation and support was awarded to Hexagon Safety, Infrastructure, and Geospatial Systems Canada through a competitive procurement process.

GP911 is a branch of GPFD that provides primary 9-1-1 and fire dispatch services covering 47% of Alberta’s landmass along with parts of north-eastern BC. GP911 processed 75,870 9-1-1 calls last year and is on track to process around 90,000 this year.

“I’m extremely proud of what GP911 has accomplished as they continue to punch above there weight, despite an ever-increasing demand for 9-1-1 services,” said Fire Chief Preben Bossen, Grande Prairie Fire Department. “We’re also very grateful to the City IT and GIS teams for going above and beyond in supporting this project and the positive outcomes it will have for the citizens of Grande Prairie and region.”

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie

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