The Board of Trustees of the Grande Prairie Public School Division (GPPSD) are proud to announce Rayanne Beby, an inspiring grade 5/6 teacher at Riverstone Public School, as their Edwin Parr Nominee for the 2023-2024 school year.

The Edwin Parr Award is sponsored by the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) and is an annual award recognizing outstanding first-year teachers across the province. 

​ A truly homegrown talent, Rayanne pursued her education locally, attending and graduating from Grande Prairie Public Schools. She achieved her teaching degree from the Teacher Education North Program at Northwestern Polytechnic before returning to inspire the next generation in the same school division that shaped her educational journey.  ​“Rayanne has quickly distinguished herself with her commitment to leadership, inclusivity and support in her classroom,” says Jill Burgess, Principal at Riverstone. “Her teaching style incorporates fairness, respect, and integrity and deep care for her students.” ​ Taking advantage of the division’s new teacher mentorship program alongside her own critical reflection, Rayanne has significantly advanced her instructional strategies in a short time. “She integrates technology effectively and employs evidence-based teaching methods that significantly boost her students' academic performance and social-emotional skills,” explains Burgess. 

​Sandy McDonald, Superintendent of GPPSD, adds, “Rayanne’s innovative methods and commitment to adapting to her students' diverse learning needs exemplify qualities that define excellent teaching. Her ability to integrate social-emotional learning with academic instruction helps nurture well-rounded, successful students.' 

​“Most importantly, Rayanne fosters a classroom environment where respect and empathy are the norm, laying a solid foundation for our students to become lifelong learners,” says Burgess. 

Information provided by the Grande Prairie Public School Division