Keith and Kristyn Getty, known for their hit single 'In Christ Alone,' performed to 3,800 people in Singapore one week ago to a passionate crowd. 

The couple played at The Star Performing Arts Centre in Singapore last Friday night, in one of the first major concerts since the government lifted Covid restrictions that have been in place since the pandemic started.

"This was the first time in two years that thousands of people were able to come together in Singapore to sing in worship," says Keith. "The energy in the room was electric. Having been under covid restrictions for so long, the sense of anticipation and sheer joy of coming together was incredible."

Singapore only loosened travelling and crowd restrictions for COVID measures on April 26, 2022, making it possible for concerts like this one possible once more. 

"The hymns had travelled there long before we did and it was such a moving thing for all of us to hear everyone singing! We are thankful to the Lord for this very special experience and for His care through every mile and detail."

Keith and Kristyn are known as modern hymn-writers and come from Northern Ireland. Keith called this one of the top five greatest concerts of his life. 

"Thank you for your prayers and for singing along with us as we traveled to this beautiful country for the first time."